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2011 BCS Standings Released: LSU No. 1, Boise State No. 5

The official BCS standings were released this evening, meaning the college football season is halfway over (season goes by too fast). There is no surprise what the top three would be with it being LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma sitting at the top.

Seeing Houston at No. 19 is a bit of a surprise and are in good position to make a BCS game if they can continue to and hopeful that Boise State does not win the Mountain West, because to get the automatic bid from the non-BCS teams require to be in the top-12 and win your conference. I know it's early but if Boise State loses to say TCU and finish the year at No. 10 and then Houston is No. 12 and wins Conference USA, then Houston would get the automatic bid.

However, I don't know if Boise would be ranked ahead of an undefeated Houston, but who really knows.

The rankings are after the jump.




2 Alabama


3 Oklahoma


4 Oklahoma State


5 Boise State


6 Wisconsin


7 Clemson


8 Stanford


9 Arkansas


10 Oregon


11 Kansas State


12 Virginia Tech


13 Nebraska


14 South Carolina


15 West Virginia


16 Michigan State


17 Texas A&M


18 Michigan


19 Houston


20 Auburn


21 Penn State


22 Georgia Tech


23 Illinois


24 Texas


25 Washington

    Look for more analysis once the full results with numbers are published.

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