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College Football Week 8 Rankings: Harris Poll Release Second Poll, Boise State Is No. 5

The other human element for the BCS standings is the Harris Interactive poll and their top 25 was released with Boise State at No. 5 which is the same as last week. Depending on what the computers say it looks like Boise State will be probably No. 5 or No. 6 tonight once the BCS standings are released.

Boise State does have one first place vote for the second week and TCU does get 11 points in the poll and they need to get closer to the rankings to help out Boise State's strength of schedule.


1 LSU (74)


2 Alabama (25)


3 Oklahoma (13)


4 Wisconsin (1)


5 Boise State (1)


6 Oklahoma State


7 Stanford (1)


8 Clemson


9 Oregon


10 Arkansas


11 Nebraska


12 Kansas State


13 South Carolina


14 West Virginia


15 Michigan State


16 Virginia Tech


17 Michigan


18 Georgia Tech


19 Texas A&M


20 Illinois


21 Auburn


22 Houston


23 Arizona State


24 Penn State


25 Washington

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