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Conference Realignment: Air Force Expected To Stay In Mountain West As Football-Only Member, According To A Report

The Air Force Falcons have mentioned that they want to move their non-football sports to a more competitive appropriate league such as the Missouri Valley Conference with their football league possibly heading to the Big East as a football-only member. The Big East is planning on sending invites to Air Force, the Boise St. Broncos, Navy Midshipman, SMU Mustangs, Central Florida Knights and Houston Cougars.

Last night two big things happens: The Mountain West agreed to an alliance with Conference USA for a football-only merger and the other is that Air Force and  Boise State were leaning toward staying in the Mountain West.

Now there is more news coming out about Air Force. The latest is coming from SportsByBrooks who is pretty accurate in breaking sports news, and they are saying that the Mountain West has voted to allow Air Force to stay in the Mountain West as a football-only member.


Not sure what this means for Boise State or if it even has any bearing on their decision to stay in the Mountain West or go, but this is a good move if true. Craig Thompson may have actually been proactive and allowed Air Force to be in the Mountain West without having men's and women's basketball and women's volleyball. Air Force would be a member of the Mountain West just as Hawaii will be in 2012 by being a football-only member.

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