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Conference Realignment: Teleconference Notes On Mountain West, C-USA Officially Aligning For Football-Only Merger

So, first off I have been and am totally against this idea because it brings nothing to the table. I was able to listen to the teleconference on my drive home, so here are the highlights. Here is the press release as well.

  • Air Force, Boise State, Central Florida, Houston and SMU all voted this morning to agree to this deal.
  • Currently there are 22 teams involved.
  • Through at least the first the two years the leagues would play their normal schedule and then a title game.
  • Legislature will need to be put in place to have this cross-conference title game.
  • 2013 is target date to begin, but possibly 2012.
  • Neither commissioner has spoken to Bill Hancock to see if the champion receives a BCS bid.
  • Television contracts will remain league specific.
  • Title game can be sold to any network.
  • After a year or two, there could be a divisional format.
  • Possible semi-final matchup between divisional teams then title game.
  • Bigger was mentioned a lot with the 22 teams and more inventory for television to sell.

I'll update momentarily with my own thoughts on this.

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