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Uni-Obsessed: The Roundup Week 6

Hey all,

After a week hiatus, I'm back just before tonight's thrilling game to give the uni-roundup from last week. So without further ado, here are the candidates:

Boise State vs. Fresno State (from Friday 10/7)



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Air Force vs Notre Dame:



UNLV vs Nevada:



Wyoming vs Utah State:



TCU vs San Diego State



There they all are for your consideration. Now onto the fun part (for me at least):


The top three uniform matchups of the week are as follows:

3. The Battle for the Freemont Cannon: The rivalry between the Nevada schools gave a nice uni matchup this week, despite UNLV having one of the least aesthetically pleasing games to watch as well as uniforms to wear.

2. Air Force vs Notre Dame: I really like the Falcons new grays, they fit them well. Unfortunately they couldn't serve up a win last week. Perhaps tonight?

1. The Battle for the Milk Can: One of the dumbest trophies around did help create the best uniform matchup of the week. Boise State went in Blue Apocalypse Horse mode and decimated the Bulldogs defense (who looked fashionable while being massacred). Note: despite the fans displeasure with the Fresno situation right now, there are a lot of new jerseys being worn, so that's good.

Ugly Matchup of the week

TCU vs SDSU: Sorry, each uni looks good individually, but the purple does not bode well with the red.

Be sure to vote for your favorite matchup in the poll below and leave your comments!