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Air Force's Option Offense Would No Longer Be Unique If They Join Big East With Navy

David Ramsey of the Colorado Springs Gazette brings a new angle to why the Air Force Falcons should not join the Big East, and the main reason has to do to the Navy Midshipmen. Ramsey's reasoning is because Navy runs a similar run-option based offense and Big East teams would be more familiar against Air Force's style of play:

If Navy plays, say, Louisville before Air Force plays Louisville, the Midshipmen would probably roll to 300 yards rushing while the Cardinals tried to figure out the option. When Louisville's defense faced Air Force, the Cardinals would be ready. I'd predict the Falcons' rushing output would drop by at least 100 yards. Precision is a big part of Air Force's rushing success, but so is novelty. Defenses can't stop what they don't understand.

This is a very interesting reason not to join, and while it may not be high on the list -- or at all -- of the decision making people at the Academy this is a solid reason to not join a league with Navy. Air Force's run-option offense is what kept them in games against top teams such as the narrow loss to the Oklahoma Sooners last year. This did not really help against Notre Dame, but usually their offense is so unique it is difficult for opposing teams to prepare for. The run-option offense is why I am giving Air Force a fighting chance against Boise State later this year.

This would take away Air Force's advantage they would have against teams with better talent, because their is only a certain type of players that Air Force can recruit due to the size restrictions that the Academy has for admissions. So it is not like Air Force will get a huge uptick in recruiting because they are in the Big East.

This is an interesting take on why Air Force should not join the Big East with Navy and I agree with Ramsey because his reasoning is valid.

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