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San Diego State Wide Receiver Jay Waddell Stabbed At Campus Party

Terrible news is coming out from San Diego State as the San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that wide receiver Jay Waddell is recovering from surgery after having four stab wounds to his small intestines at an incident that occurred on campus. Waddell was on of two victims from the on the Oct. 2 inciden and the other person is involved is believed to be another San Diego State football player.

Waddell spoke to his home town newspaper the Victorville Daily Press about what happened:

"These people just came to the party and looked like they were trying to start problems from the moment they got there, I was trying to walk away, and I just got caught up in it.

"Somebody hit me from the back and one of my friends tried to come save me, and then two guys jumped me. I didn't even know I had been stabbed until somebody told me."

The incident occurred at a member of the San Diego State basketball team and Waddell also said that "guys who looked like gang bangers" came to the party and soon after a fight broke out. James Franklin of the basketball team was there to help out Waddell by using his shirt to help stop the bleeding after Waddell was stabbed.

Head coach Rocky Long has not commented on the situation since it is an on going investigation involving campus police. Waddell is already out for the season with a knee injury that he suffered during fall camp.

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