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Conference Realignment: Boise State Being Considered Once Again To Join Big East

With the Big East looking to expand to 12 teams Boise State is back in the mix after early reports were saying their chances were 'slim to none' just yesterday. According to a report in the New York Post, the Big East is 'poised' to invite Temple and Boise State as their first two additions, and it is their top priority to do so.

Boise State would be joining as a football-only member and the other two members look to be Navy and Air Force, also joining as football-only members. Adding Boise State is an attempt to strengthen the Big East's BCS status and adding Air Force and Navy brings above average teams, and to an extent Temple would as well with their recent success over the past two years.

Getting to a BCS league should be important for Boise State, however if Air Force is going to wait until 2013 to avoid paying the $5 million exit fee then Boise State should wait as well. Another reason to wait is that Missouri is going to be in the Big 12 for another year and then the rumors and reports will come out again with Missouri having wandering eyes to the SEC and this cycle starts over again.

If Missouri ends up going to the SEC next summer then the Big 12 will have their targes in West Virginia, Louisville and Cincinnati to get to 12 teams, and poof goes the Big East.

I can not fault Air Force or Boise State looking at options, but if Air Force is going to wait to join -- again assuming they do -- so should Boise State, because say the Big East gets to 12 teams but loses their top three schools then Boise State is back where they started in a bad league but with a ton of travel expenses by traveling to the East Coast. 

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