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Conference Realignment: Army Says No To Big East, Is There Hope Air Force Spurns Big East?

The Big East had a conference call today to discuss possible additions to their league and to discuss what a 12-team league would look like in divisional format. The teams that the Big East is looking at are Central Florida, Boise State, Air Force, Navy, Temple, Houston and SMU.

Here is a mock up done by Big East Coast Bias:

West East
Air Force Central Florida
Cincinnati Connecticut
Houston Navy
Louisville Rutgers
SMU South Florida
West Virginia Temple

The only defensive item of significant to Air Force is that Army has come out and said they are not interested in the Big East:

"They’ve been honest with us and that they’re not interested because of the challenges they had previously in Conference USA," the source said.

By not having Army in the Big East could derail Navy or Air Force joining the league, because Army is going to be on the schedule regardless for both Navy and Air Force. With the Big East looking at a nine-game conference schedule that would leave Air Force with only two non-conference games to schedule. Plus, there would have to be something in place where Air Force and Navy would play each other even if in different divisions. The Big East could create a permanent cross-division rival like the SEC has.

So, there is some potential that Air Force would not join the Big East with Army not being interested and a nine-game conference schedule on the table.

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