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Fun Facts of The MWC Week 6 Edition

Once again I have decided what interesting facts I could find about the MWC.  They mean nothing in terms of skill or projecting teams, just interesting facts.


Nordly Capi leads the nation with 1.6 sacks a game, last time a MWC player did that was Jerry Hughes in 2008 with 1.15 a game. 

CSU is tied for 3rd in the nation in sacks with 19.  However they are nearly 50 sack yards behind Hawaii and Oklahoma who also have 19 sacks.  That is 23rd in sack yardage.

Boise St the highest scoring team in the MWC has missed the most PAT's with 5, while the bottom three scoring offenses UNM, UNLV, CSU have not missed at PAT yet.  

New Mexico opponents are a weak 40%(2-5) at kicking field goals against the Lobos, Oregon State opponents are 0-4 leading the nation.

Air Force opponents are 7-7 converting 4th downs against the Falcons.  The only other team allowing 100% is  Louisiana-Monroe (4-4).

UNLV has recovered all 7 of their opponents fumbles, Air Force only 1 of the 6 their opponents have coughed up.

Wyoming has only 5 punt returns this year, and average 1 yard per return. 

UNM Freshman Deon Long is 1st in the MWC and 10th in the nation in yards per play at 17.9YPP.


That's all I got for now.  A couple crazy ones, a couple not so much as things are starting to smooth out with a bigger sample size.