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Conference Realignment: San Diego State Attempting To Woo Big 12 For An Invite

The San Diego St. Aztecs are letting the Big 12 know that they are available if the league wants to move West. There was a small inkling that San Diego State had been contacted by the Big 12 back in January when school president Stephen Weber was asked if the Big 12 had contacted the Aztecs, he said "I can't talk about that."

Now, San Diego State is making overtures to the Big 12 by athletic director Jim Sterk sending a package to the Big 12:

"We've been proactive as far as getting information out and just making sure their folks know what a valuable commodity San Diego State is," Sterk said. "We've been able to show how well we capture the San Diego television market in the last couple of years and have a program that's really on the rise and have a lot of things going for it. We're a member of the Mountain West Conference, and we think it's a very good conference. But if things realign, you never know how the sands are moving."

San Diego State has not heard back from Big 12 interim commissioner Chuck Neinas on the information they sent, but some officials from the  Big 12 responded to what San Diego State sent the league:

"... good powerful information, well put together and that they would look at it as their realignment committee developed."

Can't blame for San Diego State for trying to better their situation and if the  Big 12 is looking at BYU, West Virginia or Louisville then why not San Diego State. It is easier to get to San Diego than it is to Provo, Utah and it opens a much larger market in California compared to Utah and the national following that BYU has.

The Big 12 seems to be standing pat at 10 teams as the SEC is not looking to add teams which means Missouri is not going to the SEC anytime soon. With the Mountain West possibly losing at least Air Force it makes sense for San Diego State and other schools to do what is in their best interests, but San Diego State to the Big 12 seems like a long shot.

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