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Michigan Officially Fires Rich Rodriguez

Michigan has made it official that they have fired Rich Rodriguez and have a 12:30 p.m. et press conference call. Now, if yesterday's reports are true then San Diego State's  

Brady Hoke could be next in line to take over the Michigan job. Michigan is expected to quickly make a hire and with signing day six weeks away they should try to get one in place sooner. According to SB Nation Detroit, if Michigan was going to fire Rodriquez 

they should have done so after their loss to Ohio State.



Here is the statement by Michigan Athletic Director David Brandon:


"I have completed a systematic and thorough review of our football program and believe that a change in leadership is necessary," Brandon said in a statement released by the university Wednesday morning. "We have not achieved at the level that I expect."


A change is coming and I still find it hard to believe that Hoke is their top choice mainly because the Michigan fans, alumni and boosters want a big name and Hoke does not fit that mold. 

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