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Brady Hoke Is A Candidate For The Michigan Job If Rich Rodriguez Is Fired

It seems nearly inevitable that Michigan is going to fire Rich Rodriguez, because there have been several outlets reporting this, however Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon says that is not the case. A team metting with the players was suppose to take place today at 7 p.m. ET, but it was moved to Wednesday at 4 p.m. ET. Perhaps Rodriguez was able to convince Brandon to allow him to think about it one more day, or that Michigan is waiting to make sure they get their man in place before firing Rodriguez. With Jim Harbaugh taking himself out of the running for the Michigan job to focus on an NFL job with the San Francisco 49ers.

The attention now is turning to San Diego State's Brady Hoke taking over the Michigan head coaching job. Apparently, Hoke is in high demand for the Michigan job and is the top choice to become the next coach at Michigan, and local media agree of Hoke being the next Michigan coach. Hoke coached at Michigan durring 1995-2002 as their offensive line coach. Back in late November Hoke was rumored to have the Minnesota job if he wanted, but nothing materialized from that.

This is a job I could see Brady Hoke going for just because Michigan is one of the best college football jobs in the country -- at least by name. The Michigan traditionalist loved Lloyd Carr because he ran Big 10 football where the team lined up in an I-formation with two tight ends and ran the ball. Rich Rodriguez brough in his spreed-n-shred offense to only some success this tyear, but ultimately it was his defense that did him in.

Hoke would bring in another non-traditonal Big 10 offense to Ann Arbor. It would be a spread offense, but instead of having an offense where there is a dual threat quarterback he plays three, four and five wide receiver sets. However, Hoke does utilize the running game as well and it certainly helps by having senstaional freshman running back Ronnie Hillman.

Michigan probably want a big name such as Les Miles who was incorrectly reported as to have taken the Michigan job back in 2008 and he may be a coach to look at if Michigan wants a big name.

With success at non-BCS schools comes the threat of losing your coach to a bigger school. Hoke being mentioned with the Michigan job does not surprise me, but him rumored to be the top choice does surprise me quite a bit. With the Michigan team meeting moved to Wednesday 4 p.m. ET that is about the time when more news will come out about Rich Rodriguez and we will have a better idea of the list of potential canidates will be, assuming Rodriguez will not be back next year.

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