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Ranking The Non-AQ BCS Wins, Who Should Be On Number One

List are always fun and my inspiration for this comes from ESPN where they rank the non-BCS Bowl wins. Per usual there will be some arguments on lists, before we dive into this here is their list:

1. 2007 Fiesta Bowl: Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42, OT.

2. 2011 Rose Bowl: TCU 21, Wisconsin 19.

3. 2009 Sugar Bowl: Utah 31, Alabama 17.

4. 2005 Fiesta Bowl: Utah 35, Pittsburgh 7.

5. 2010 Fiesta Bowl, Boise State 17, TCU 10.

Not to sound totally like a Ute homer, but I disagree with the Boise State win being number one, but I could make an argument for saying Utah's win over Alabama or TCU's win over Wisconsin could be number one. I guess it depends on the criteria one uses, because I could see Boise State being number one since their win was the most significant  unlike the 2004 Utah team who had to play Pitt, Boise was able to play a legitimate opponent in Oklahoma.

Utah's win over Alabama was the dominant qin with their fast 21-0 start and it was over an Alabama team that was ranked number one for most of the year, and even this year's TCU win could be on top since it was at the Rose Bowl and Wisconsin did want to be there which is what excuse the 2005 Oklahoma and 2008 Alabama have cited for the lose.

Boise State reminds me of this video that I have posted before and it is when Steve Carell accepted an Emmy for Ricky Gervais, and Gervais goes onto say that if it were not for him and 'The Office' being a hit in England then Carell would be nothing. I sometimes compare Utah to Gervais and Boise to Carell, because it seems that Boise State would always get credit for being the premire non-BCS team even though Utah was the one to break through first and helped prove to the college football world that a non-BCS team could be ranked that high and beat a BCS team (yes I know it was Pitt, but still they made it).  Indirectly Utah helped pave the way for non-BCS teams to garner respect and eventually higher rankings which helped this year with TCU and Boise State just on the edge of making the BCS title game.



So how would you rank the non-BCS wins in BCS bowl games.

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