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Jimmer Fredette Is Huge On Twitter From Rappers To NBA Players

Who would have thought a white guy from BYU would be getting props on twitter from the NBA super stars and even Nelly. Last night, and even though today the twitter world is still abuzz about Fredette because of his 43 point performance over San Diego State.

Many question marks about Jimmer Fredette's defense and whether he can play the same type of role in NBA,but when you can score like that...less than a minute ago via Seesmic Desktop

Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world!!less than a minute ago via Echofon

Jimmer Fredette is cold! #respectless than a minute ago via web

I'm not to sure how it was at Florida when Tim Tebow was there but I can tell you Jimmer Fredette at BYU has to be the basketball equivalentless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

If u like college basketball like me u have to check out this dude name jimmer fredette from BYU he is definitely the truth!!less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Get the PoY trophy 4 Jimmer-Fredette time vs San Diego St @RealJayWIlliam 43 baby ! -less than a minute ago via web

Plus he was on SportsCenter earlier today.