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Did The Big 12 Consider Adding San Diego State?

San Diego State President Stephen Weber briefly talked about how none of the teams on the table discussed at the director's meeting brought enough to merit expanding the Mountain West to 12 teams. That is not really a shocker since both Utah State and San Jose State are the third college choice in their own town, and San Jose State may be behind Fresno State who is not even in the Northern California area.

Weber goes on to talk about his own school and perhaps has a minor slip up when discussing his Aztecs:

"The issue gets to be interesting when you start looking at an increasingly successful athletic program and a large TV market," Weber said of SDSU. "I know others have looked at exactly those issues. When it's something that will be attractive to them, if ever, I can't guess."

Asked if the Big 12 , now down to 10 members, had expressed interest in SDSU, Weber said, "I can't talk about that."

He did say no other conferences have approached SDSU about membership.

Interesting that Weber says that he can't discuss if the Big 12 contacted them, but then goes on to say that no other conferences approached San Diego State. 

It seems pretty simply to put this together and say that San Diego State was contacted by someone at the Big 12 but there was no offer because San Diego State would have jumped ship at a moments notice to go to the Big 12. The Aztecs are probably on a list with a lot of other schools that the Big 12 is keeping tabs on. The league may not be actively looking to get back to 12 teams, but they most likely have had conversations with schools about getting back to 12 teams. Or the league may be reaching out to teams just in case they lose members like Texas going the independence route or Texas A&M to the SEC. 

It seems that with the recent success of the Aztecs basketball program, improved football team and being in a populous area with a fertile recruiting area makes the Aztecs desirable to the Big 12. If San Diego State is an option for the Big 12 then who would be the 12th team to join them?

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