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Boise State-TCU Game Officially Moving To Boise

The rumor of TCU having to move their home game against Boise State was made official by the Mountain West Conference Tuesday night:

After carefully considering all sides of the issue, the MWC Board of Directors decided to implement the change in the 2011 football schedule as had been recommended by the athletics directors. TCU will now play at Boise State, while Boise State's contest with San Diego State will be played in San Diego. The Board felt the change was in the best interest of the Mountain West Conference and would help address current and future scheduling concerns created by the new set of circumstances which stemmed from another change in membership.

The Mountain West had to make a change of venue with four games since the league is going from nine teams down to eight teams with the shuffling of adding Boise State while losing Utah and BYU. This game necessarily did not have to be moved, but the Mountain West chose this game in particular so they could protect Boise State who is a future member. There will stil be two other games that need to be switched, but none will have the attention of moving this particular matchup since very few people will care if the New Mexico and Air Force game changes venues outside of each school's fans.

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