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Mountain West Conference Is Not Adding Utah State Or San Jose State

Utah State can not catch a break, last summer when BYU was working on 'The Project' Utah State decided to stay true to the WAC when they were offered a spot in the Mountain West when the league caught wind of BYU's intentions to leave the league. As for San Jose State, they must have felt that they were getting a golden ticket out ofthe sinking ship that is the WAC, but now they must hope an invite does come their way or they may actually d rop the football program down to the FCS which was the plan back in 2004.

After two days of nothing but rumors that the Mountain West will extend offers to San Jose State and Utah State to become the 11th and 12th members of the Mountain West, the league is staying pat at 10 teams. This could be something similar to when the league decided to do a wait-and-see approach in adding Boise State, but then added them a week later. The only reason this deal did not go down was because the money was not there to support bringing in two teams who do not have a large fan base and are the third choice in their own market.

Just a reminder, a decision does need to be made today since the league has until the end of June to add teams who can then begin play starting in the fall of 2012. Waiting an extended period of time gives the WAC more time to make a move in adding more teams and making their league stronger.

The league did release this statement regarding their non-move:

"Over the past two days, the Board of Directors has engaged in a very thorough discussion of several key topics pertinent to the future of the Mountain West Conference. This has included, but not been limited to, issues related to television, the Bowl Championship Series and membership. The Board feels strongly the membership configuration already established going forward creates outstanding prospects for future success. In addition, we are continuing with our strategic initiatives related to our television partnerships and the MWC's efforts to effect change in the BCS structure. The Board is excited about what is undoubtedly a bright future for the Conference."

Guess keeping the league at 10 good teams is better then adding more dead weight at the bottom with more bad football teams. Don't think this is over just yet, my feeling is that a move will come where the Mountain West will add two more teams to allow a conference championship game. Maybe they are trying to sweeten the deal for a few better teams such as SMU and Houston.

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