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Mountain West To Be 12 Team League Within 24-48 Hours

There are a lot reports going out today about what will go in within the Mountain West meetings that will be taking place this evening, so anything that has been mentioned is all speculation and not official. At this time Salt Lake Tribune Utah State beat writer Tony Jones is on 1280 The Zone in Salt Lake and talked about how the Mountain West deal to add two Mountain West teams is not a done deal. Even though he seems confident a decision will be made within 48 hours and the only teams mentioned were Utah State and San Jose State.

It is all coming together and it seems that Comcast is using their influence to add Utah State and San Jose State. Tonight Comcast will present a proposal to the league and a decision could be made sometime tomorrow. They really want to keep the Salt Lake market by inviting Utah State, and yes the share would be less then having BYU and Utah, but the Utah market has been a big deal for Comcast and they want to keep ties in Utah.

The Bay Area discussion has been talked about here with the potential add of San Jose State to the Mountain West that started gaining traction last week. We have all heard that the San Jose market in Northern California is the sixth in the nation, but San Jose State football is miles behind Stanford, Cal and most likely any other big game on television. Potential must be thrown out with these two teams since neither will provide a major boost to the television deal outside of what market they are in, but the idea of having the potential of each market size is enticing for Comcast.

The two additions is obviously a money grab for a title game which will bring in extra cash which has been rumored to be anywhere from $3 to $7 million per year. So basically what we know is that nothing has happend and that Comcast is pulling the strings, as expected.

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