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Idaho Is Latest Team To Reach Out To Join The Mountain West

The list of teams should be who is not interested in joining the Mountain West, but so far every WAC team outside of New Mexico State -- as far as I know -- has either contacted the Mountain West or has been contacted from the league. Add Idaho to this list of teams trying to flee the dying WAC. 

Idaho Athletic Director Rob Spear spoke with Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson via email email about the possibility of joining the Mountain West:

"We are exploring all avenues and this includes the Mountain West," Spear said. UI has yet to make a presentation to the MWC board of directors, he said. The Vandals are current members of the Western Athletic Conference

Today and tomorrow officials from the league will be meeting in Las Vegas to discuss league items like they normally do each year. This meeting has a very good chance of the league making some sort of an announcement about the league making an announcement about adding teams or at least setting up a list. 

Idaho is just trying to make a play to get out of the WAC, but they provide little value to the Mountain West. Idaho is a better option then San Jose State, but not by much. The Vandals have turned around their football team and when compared to San Jose State, but the difference that Idaho is below San Jose State because of the market that San Jose is in which is the sixth largest in the nation while Moscow, Idaho is one of the smallest markets in the country. 

Idaho maybe on the final list but odds of them getting into the league is very low and with UTEP now not interested the choices are dwindling, and the odds of Houston and SMU joining are slim which leaves the choices down to Utah State, San Jose State and Idaho; not the best bunch of teams.

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