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Mountain West To Play Eight Conference Games In 2012, 2013

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The Mountain West Conference has decided that even though they will have 10 teams in the league once all the conference shuffling takes place in 2012 they will 

play eight conference games in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. Of course this could change if the league goes to 12 teams if there any additions from the meetings taking place over the next few days



With only eight games and 10 teams then there could be a chance for a tie on top of the conference which is not that big a deal when compared to the recent ties atop the Big 10 and Big 12 that required the BCS to serve as the final tie-breaker.

With only eight games on the schedule that obviously means that some teams will not play each other, and just so Craig Thompson does not screw this up there should be a set of rivals that play each year no matter what. About half of the league has rivals with the exceptions that do not really have any built in rivalry are San Diego State, Hawai'i and New Mexico; while Air Force, Colorado State and Wyoming are all kind of rivals. The league should create a few rivals like Hawai'i and San Diego State and it would fit since the two were in the old WAC together years ago.

This could also change up the home and road conference schedules by then since the 2011 season will have an unbalanced of home and road games with the seven game conference schedule. So, there could be a few more teams getting their schedule changed and it could 

Air Force is probably the most thankful that this is happening since they are already play Army and Navy for the Commander-In-Chief Trophy each year, and an eight game conference schedule allows them to still schedule two other non-conference games with one against a BCS team and the other game against a non-BCS team or lower.

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