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UNLV escapes New Mexico via Free Throw Line, 63-62

What a game! In the process of one of the best endings to a MWC conference game this season, UNLV gots its third conference win on the season. New Mexico, on the other hand, now drops to 1-4 in conference and is essentially out of the NCAA Tournament barring them winning the MWC Tournament.

This game was deadlocked for almost the entire time, with the biggest lead getting to 10, but the last 3:00 of the game is what was really exciting. The score was 56-56 with 3:08 left after two made free throws by Kendall Williams. Oscar Bellfield missed an open three point shot on the other end and that led to a fastbreak. Brice Massamba then fouled Kendall Williams and Williams went to the line, then proceeded to make both free throws in order to give New Mexico a 58-56 lead.

UNLV then got lucky on a Kendall Williams touch foul that gave Oscar Bellfield two free throws to make it a tie game once again with 2:23 remaining. On the next possession down for New Mexico, Tony Snell hit a huge 3 point shot with 4 seconds left on the shot clock and 1:52 on the game clock to give the Lobos a 61-58 lead. In what was thought at the time to be the most disappointing play in the game for the Rebels, Brice Massamba missed a wide open layup with 1:32 left.

New Mexico started running as much clock as they could on their next possession, but Dariese Gary threw a bad pass to Tre'Von Willis that allowed for Chace Stanback to hit an open jumper on the other end to make it 61-60 Lobos with only 1:10 remaining. After a New Mexico timeout, the Lobos ran the clock down to 42 seconds before making a horrible pass straight to Tre'Von Willis. Willis brought the ball down the court and tried to kick the ball to an open Chace Stanback in the corner, but Stanback had cut to the basket and the ball sailed out of bounds with 26 seconds left.

The rest of the ending, game notes, and a Tweecap after the jump.

On the in-bounds play, the Lobos had a long pass to get down to the other end of the court in a mere second. That turned out to be a bad decision when the Rebels swarmed to the ball and forced another bad pass to Tre'Von Willis, this one leading to an intentional foul by Dariese Gary. That play really was the turning point for the Rebels to change the momentum in their favor.

Tre'Von managed to hit both free throws and the Rebels now had a 62-61 lead with 27 seconds left, the ball, and a full shot clock. Oscar Bellfield was fouled after 9 seconds went off the clock and he made one of 2 in order to make it a 2 point game with 18 seconds left. New Mexico came down the floor after a timeout, looking to either tie or win, and then it happened: Deja Vu. We had just seen Tre'Von Willis try to pass the ball to an open player in the corner, only to have the man cut to the basket and the ball sail out of bounds.

It happened again this time, only now it was Phillip McDonald with the pass. At this point the game looked like it was in hand, all UNLV had to do was inbound the ball and make a couple of free throws in order to end this one. But that was too simple. Derrick Jasper made a lazy pass straight to Kendall Williams who then tried to shoot the ball but was fouled by Jasper with 1.1 seconds left on the clock.

Williams now had a chance to send the game into overtime with two free throws. A miss on either free throw would mean game over for the Lobos. Williams stepped to the line and drained the first. The score is now 63-62 Rebels with 1 second left and 1 free throw remaining for Kendall Williams. Williams stepped to the line, took his shot, and came up short. Brice Massamba got the rebound and time ran out as UNLV escaped snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Game Notes

The offense clicked on all cylinders today. Chace Stanback had 20 points, 15 of those coming in the first half, and 8 rebounds. Oscar Bellfield had 13 points, most of them at crucial points in the game, as well as 5 assists. Anthony Marshall was in foul trouble for most of the first half, but played well in the second half, scoring eight points in the process.

In the first half, Tre'Von played horribly and out of sync. He did come out in the second half and redeem himself though, playing a very important role down the stretch. Carlos Lopez played amazing even though his stats won't show it. Lopez finished with 9 points and 3 steals but it was his post defense that really helped us get through the stretch between 12:00 and 4:00 left in the second half.

Dariese Gary is one heck of a player. I can remember three specific times where he simply overpowered our defense for a three point play. Gary ended up with 15 points, but it was really a balanced scoring attack for the Lobos. Four players other than Gary had either 10 or 11 points. Kendall Williams is really a great freshman for the Lobos and in that sense, the future looks very bright for them.


A Tweecap is basically a way of using twitter to show the real time emotion during the game. Most of the time it is better than a recap because you don't remember every bit of information from a game when writing a recap. I had the opportunity of being able to tweet during the whole game, so I'll show you the tweets from the game in chronological order. I'll also put in the tweets that I retweeted from other UNLV twitter personalities that were related to the game. For practicality purposes, I'm going to remove all of the #UNLVMBB hashtags I put on each tweet. Enjoy!


Tip Off!

UNM with another bad shot.

1st timeout: UNLV 5 - UNM 0

What a shot by Stanback! UNLV 7 - UNM 2

Stanback with another 3! UNLV 10 - UNM 4

UNLV looking great and in control.

UNLVRebelNation: Tre just checked in at TV timeout. Rebs up 10-7.

UNM going to the line. UNLV 10 - UNM 9

Foul by Justin Hawkins. That's his second.

Offensive foul on Marshall after he kicked it out to an open Stanback in the corner. UNLV 13 - UNM 10

15-12 New Mexico at 1st media timeout.

Chace Stanback started out hot but has cooled off.

UNLV defense looked good on their first possession out of the timeout.

Great defense down low by Quintrell Thomas.

Still 15-12 New Mexico.

Another lay up for New Mexico.

UNLVRebelNation: Chace had to go to locker room for some kind of treatment but just checked back in.

Good move down low by Carlos Lopez and then steal by Lopez on the defensive end.

Baseline jumper by Stanback makes it 17-16 New Mexico.

ryanmgreene: New Mexico is just as talented as last year, but looks nowhere near as disciplined. They miss Roman Martinez badly.

UNLVRebelNation: Will somebody please send a search party out for Oscar Bellfield and Derrick Jasper? 0 pts and 2 rebs combined so far.

Bellfield with a layup to make it 19-18 UNM.

Another shot by Bellfield gives UNLV the lead 20-19.

UNLV now on a 11-2 run.

Another 3 by Stanback gives UNLV a 26-19 lead! UNLV 26 UNM 19.

What a block by Stanback!

And then a steal leading to an open layup for Tre'Von Willis! UNLV 28 UNM 19.

All the momentum on UNLV's side right now. New Mexico has none.

Tre dropped a pass that would have led to an open layup.

A jump hook by UNM makes it 28-23 UNLV.

Stanback is playing out of his mind right now.

Tark at the gym.

Bellfield with a 3 to make it 33-23 UNLV.

We have Reggie Smith for 3.5 years. Going to be a big part of this program going forward.

Dariese Gary with a great move to make it 33-25 UNLV.

UNLVRebelNation: Nice job Rebel Nation search party. Oscar Bellfield 10 points in 4 1/2 minutes since that tweet.

The offense looks great today vs. New Mexico. What ever Kurger did, it's working. Keep it up.

UNLVRebelGirl: The energy is MUCH better today & Chace is on fire! :)

UNLVRebelNation: Funny how much better the Rebels look when Chace and Oscar are hitting open shots isn't it?

New Mexico with another rebound following a missed free throw gives them another layup.

A put back dunk by UNM gets them a Technical Foul for hanging on the rim. Stanback makes a free throw and UNLV is up 34-30.

Bellfield fouled for no apparent reason.

UNM steps on the baseline to let UNLV have the final shot of the half.

It counts! Bellfield hits a 3 as the first half time expires.

That's going to be waved off.

therebelblog: What a fun game. Rebs looking good. In a creepy way, Tre & Dairese Gary could almost be brothers.

UNLVRebelNation: Rebels shot 60.9 percent (14 of 23). Third best half of the year. Best was 65.5 percent (19 of 29) in 2nd half vs. SE Louisiana.

2nd half of UNLV-UNM about to start on Versus.

UNLVRebelNation: Rebels up 4 despite Anthony Marshall playing just 4 minutes.

Let's see if Stanback can keep up his play in the second half.

Marshall headed to the free throw line after a sloppy possession by UNLV.

Marshall makes one of 2 and its 35-30 UNLV.

Offensive foul on Drew Gordon

Marshall headed to the free throw line again.

Marshall makes both and its 37-30 Rebels.

Tre'Von on the stationary bike.

Long rebound leads to fastbreak and 3 point play for Dariese Gary.

Another long rebound allows UNM to make it 37-35 UNLV.

Massamba steps on the baseline and turns it over.

Moving screen on Oscar Bellfield gives the ball back to New Mexico.

Dariese gary turns the ball over. Sloppy play by both teams right now.

Media timeout has the Lobos and Rebels tied at 37.

On TV, the crowd at the T&M looks very thin.

Tre'Von Willis back into the game.

Another offensive rebound gives New Mexico the lead 39-37.

Quintrell Thomas stripped on a dunk attempt.

Dariese Gary can't finish, leading to a fastbreak where Marshall hits a jump shot.

A three pointer by Tony Snell makes it 42-39 UNM.

Chace Stanback now on the stationary bike.

Marshall hits one of two to make it 42-40 UNLV.

Jump ball. Possession arrow UNv.

Brice Massamba makes it 44-44.

Crowd is getting pretty loud.

That was all ball.

Stanback for three! Timeout New Mexico. 49-44 UNLV.

Typo on that last tweet. It was Willis, not Stanback, who hit the three.

Dariese Gary gets another three point play and kills energy in the T&M.

Great move by Carlos Lopez.

UNLVSportsRadio: Oscar picks up his 4th foul. 0 pt in the second half.

Another three point play by Dariese Gary! I'm getting mad now.

Another bucket by UNLV makes it a two possession game.

Carlos Lopez playing great. Him and Anthony Marshall are going to be big for the UNLV program in the future.

McDonald with a big basket for UNM. 56-52 UNLV.

Lopez missed the dunk.

Bad shot choice by Tre there.

Under 4 media timeout. UNLV leading 56-52.

lvrebelfan: @ryanmgreene unm only scores on fastbreaks and when unlv fouls them. Need to get back and not foul

Dairiese Gary makes his free throws and it's 56-54 UNLV.

We're tied 56-56 in Las Vegas.

Now 58-56 UNM with 2:35 left.

UNLV got a lucky foul call.

Oscar Bellfield ties it with 2 free throws.

A 3 pointer from Tony Snell makes it 61-58 UNM.

Stanback hits a big shot to make it 61-60 UNM with 1:05 left.

UNLVSportsRadio: Just watched a few people jet the game. Are you serious?

Two straight timeouts by UNM exhausts all their timeouts.

Need a stop here.

No!!! Bad pass by Tre'Von turns the ball over.

A steal by Willis leads to an intentional foul! 27.2 left and Rebels currently down 61-60.

Now UNLV takes the lead and has the ball! 62-61 Rebels.

Oscar Bellfield can make it a 3 point game here with two free throws.

Bellfield hits one of two to make it 63-61 Rebels.

Turnover by UNM! UNLV should win now.

What the heck!

Williams missed it!!!!!! UNLV wins 63-62!


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