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Texas Tech Hires Away TCU's Defensive Back Chad Glasgow To Be Tech's Defensive Coordinator

A day after Texas Tech dropped TCU for the second year in a row from their schedule in favor of an FCS patsy has struck again by hiring away TCU's secondary coach Chad Glasgow to become Texas Tech's new defensive coordinator. Glasgow had spent the past decade coaching the TCU safeties in the 4-2- 5 scheme which could be the system that Texas Tech is moving toward.

Glasgow is taking over for James Willis who left the program prior to the Ticket City Bowl and it was said he was pursuing other coaching opportunities, but it may have been related to a a domestic dispute that was believed to have been between Willis and an unnamed 33-year-old-female.

TCU fans already dislike Tech for dodging them the past two years, but to now come in and take one of their coaches makes the dislike toward Texas Tech even more heated. No one can not blame Glasgow for jumping at the chance to run his own defense, but going to Tech has to sting.

One side note about Texas Tech dropping TCU from the schedule is that the reason the game was dropped was because there was no contract between Texas Tech and TCU. The game was moved to 2011 to accommodate TCU who worked with ESPN to play Oregon State opening weekend and apparently that voided the deal:

when that change was made in 2010, it voided the scheduling contract between Tech and TCU. Yes, the game in Fort Worth remained on the 2011 schedule, but there was no contract in place to ensure a return trip by TCU. Also, the voided contract stated that the 2011 game would be played at Amon G. Carter Stadium, which is not really an option because of ongoing construction. In essence, the game remained on the slate but there was no contractual obligation on either side to play it. Tech knew this and acknowledged as much when we spoke with athletic director Gerald Myers in the fall.

That same report has said that Texas Tech has reached out to TCU to schedule a home-and-home in the future but have not received a response.

Take that for what it's worth.

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