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MWC to vote on moving Boise-TCU to the blue

I had a sneaking suspicsion that after TCU announced it was heading east that the MWC would rethink it's original position of slotting Boise into Utah's schedule which would make them play in Fort Worth this year.  I had many a barroom argument with my buddies over this and unfortunately this conspiracy theory looks to be right on and the MWC is to vote on it within the next few weeks

The Mountain West Conference athletic directors favor tweaking the football schedule to make TCU play at Boise State in the only conference game the two schools will play, commissioner Craig Thompson said Wednesday. TCU is leaving the Mountain West after the 2011-12 academic year to join the Big East.  The final decision on the Boise State-TCU game site will be made by the league presidents in the next couple weeks. It takes a majority vote — and TCU doesn’t have a vote.

I can see valid points to both sides of the coin here:

Reasons to move the game to Boise:
-TCU will be playing in a reduced capacity under-construction stadium in 2011
-Boise is you new cover boy for the conference, TCU is leaving for greener pastures, so give Boise an advantage
-Game has a good shot at being a ESPN College GameDay location
-Boise getting a win will in the long term give the MWC a resume booster

Reasons to keep the game in Fort Worth:
-TCU has done a lot for the MWC and has been nothing but straight up with the conference, this is not a BYU traitor situation.
-Take this game away and TCU only has 3 MWC home games and they are all pathetic draws in FW-- CSU, UNM UNLV
-When TCU voted Boise State into the conference it was under the assumption that they would move into Utah's slot
-Moving the game is classless and clearly spiteful.

My Solution:
-Move the game to a neutral site like Jerry World and make this finale one for the ages.

Bottom line is that the game is going to go to Boise which is... whatever.  At least this will give Patterson a reason to get the troops fired up and hopefully leave spud town with a victory.