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San Jose State Is On The Table As Latest Mountain West Addition

This goes against all of the potential discussions that this site here has discussed since the main talk about conference expansion has been narrowed down to a either Utah State and UTEP or Houston and SMU package deal. Jon Wilmer who has a good pulse on west coast happenings is saying that people close to the situation is saying San Jose State is a legit canidate to join the Mountain West.

The main reason San Jose State is being considered is because they are the sixth largest media market. While that is a good thing to get The Mtn. avalible to more households -- which is a similar reason to add Houston expect that San Jose State does not bring a good football probram -- the Spartans went 1-11 last year and are behind Cal, Stanford, Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers in fan interest. The other reason to include the Spartans is because Comcast is a huge player in the Bay Area.

If San Jose State is a legit option there better be a good reason they are being billed as a top choice. The source in the Winer piece said that Houston and SMU are content to stay in Conference-USA, and this means that the options are down to UTEP, Utah State and now San Jose State. Idaho might be a better option to me from a competitive stand point, but not from a potential television .

Mountain West Commissioner Craig Thompson has said that he has spoken once with San Jose State Athletic Director Tom Bowen about joining the Mountain West, however Thompson has specifically stated that no team is under evaluation and none will be until he gets the go-ahead from the school presidents.

The Mountain West has a meeting in Las Vegas on Jan. 24 to discuss adding two more teams to get to 12 so that the league can have a conference title game. If San Jose State is added then Houston and SMU are long gone and possibly even UTEP. This means that the 11th and 12th members could be San Jose State and Utah State both of who have been football body bags and provide no improvement in making the conference stronger. While I get that none of the teams that are being mentioned are not the sexy picks -- with the possible exception of Houston and SMU -- San Jose State has never been good at football and are nothing in basketball and should be avoided if at all possible.

We will have to wait until next Monday when the president's meet in Las Vegas on Monday to see what they do, but if SMU and Houston are off the list then UTEP and Utah State should be the final two teams to round out a 12 team Mountain West.

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