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Colorado State Gets A Chance to Prove Themselves Against New Mexico

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Colorado State has been a popular darkhorse team to make the NCAA tournament and they get their chance to take on New Mexico. A win over New Mexico would be a good win for the Rams. Last season, the Rams went winless against New Mexico, UNLV, San Diego State and BYU. New Mexico will be in a foul mood after losing to Wyoming by one point. So, New Mexico will be in a foul mood and will be a tough out at home.

Colorado State will need a strong performance from Andy Ogide and Travis Franklin who are the Rams key players where both average 15 points per game. Both teams are both comparable in scoring per game at 76 per game where New Mexico is lead by three scores who put up over 35 points per game with Dairese Gary, Kendall Williams and Phillip McDonald. The Lobos plays six players at least 20 minutes per game and two more who play 15 or more per game. So even if Colorado State can slow down New Mexico's top three scorers they will still have enough players to keep on moving.

If the Rams wins they can they will get a solid road win against New Mexico who is a top 100 RPI team and a win at the Pit still carries some weight with the NCAA basketball folks. Colorado State is still a young team and will have a tough time winning tonight's game, but expect them to keep it close.

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