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Jimmer Fredette Score 47 Points In Blowout Over Utah

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Utah was able to hang around with BYU for about about 30 minutes against rival BYU, but the Utes were never in the game as they alway seemed to trail anywhere from eight to 11 points before pulling away from Utah. Jimmer Fredette had an insane first half with 32 points that with a half court shoot to boot to end the half.

Fredette is that good and has a legitimate shot at winning the John Wooden award which is given to the best college basketball player. Last night he ended up with 47 points and now leads the nation in scoring at 26.1 points per game, and Utah had no answer for him at all nor the BYU offense in general. Jackson Emery scored 20 points and three others had double figures.

The Utes were lead by Will Clyburn who had 23 points and Josh Watkins had 19 points. The eight game losing streak is the longest since the 1950s for Utah. The basketball program is on hard times and I find it hard to believe Jim Boylen will survive this season. Utah most likely will want a new coach heading into the Pac-12 next year, and who would of thought that move would be a step down in competition.

The worst part of the game for Utah fans was that the blue was at least equal to the red at the Huntsman Center.