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Brady Hoke Is Off To Michigan, So Who Should Be The Next Aztec Coach

Brady Hoke is heading back to Michigan and he has left the Aztecs in a tough spot as signing day is only six weeks away it is time to start looking for who the next San Diego State coach will be. This list will be somewhat lengthy and include some names that may not be attainable by San Diego State.

The 2011 Aztec team should be a threat to win the Mountain West conference with Boise State, TCU and Air Force; so this coaching hire is a very important one.

Now onto the candidates.

Rocky Long, San Diego State defensive coordinator -- Long brought is wacky 3-3-5 defense to San Diego with some promising results, plus he had a successful tenure as the head coach of New Mexico and knows the league. His downside is that he is a defensive coach and would be smart to keep Borges on board to keep the offense ticking.

Al Borges, San Diego State offensive coordinator -- He called the plays for the Aztecs and had plenty of weapons to work with and did a good job running the fast paced Aztec offense. Borges has never been a head coach, but has been an offensive coordinator at Boise State, Cal, Auburn, Indiana and UCLA.

Mike Leach, former Texas Tech head coach -- The pirate would have the right quarterback in Ryan Lindley to implement his passing offense, but he may lose out on using the strengths of stud running back Ronnie Hillman. San Diego is a good place for Leach to lay low and be his wacky self, plus he would bring in some more fans to Qualcomm.

Andy Ludwig, Cal offensive coordinator -- Utah fans will laugh at this choice, but Ludwig has the experience to be a head coach. He would implement a similar offense to what San Diego State runs with possible a little more spread heavy, and his offense would utilize the running game within the spread concept.

Norm Chow, UCLA offensive coordinator -- Chow is on the rocks at UCLA and may not be back next year with the Bruins, and for whatever reason Chow has never been a head coach at all but has been successful in coaching up quarterbacks. He has coached Phillip Rivers, Ty Detmer, Steve Young, Jim McMahon -- and every great BYU quarterback from 1971-1999, Matt Leinart and Caron Palmer. He knows quarterbacks, but he has struggled to do good things at UCLA and is on the older side.

Dan Hawkins, former Boise State and Colorado head coach -- Perhaps going back to a smaller school is what Hawkins needs. His offense worked wonders at Boise State, but he never got the athletes on campus to make a difference in his scheme. Hawkins would be put in a good situation with an established quarterback so there would be no shuffling like there was in his years at Colorado.

Kevin Sumlin, Houston head coach -- Not sure if San Diego State is a big step up, but Sumlin might be intrigued to take over a more stable situation at the quarterback spot. Sumlin envisioned live without Case Keenum and it was not pretty while San Diego State has a very good quarterback in Ryan Lindley and in an offense similar to his own in Houston.

Mark Helfric, Oregon offensive coordinator -- Helfric would be a reach as he has only one year of coordinating coaching experience under his belt. Prior to being at Oregon Helfric was the quarterbacks coach at Colorado, Arizona State and Boise State. At each stop he was successful and would be a high risk high reward hire for San Diego State.

Give me your thoughts on who should be the next San Diego State football coach, and feel free to add those to this list who I may have over looked.

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