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Rose Bowl: TCU Beats Wisconsin 21-19

So TCU did not cover the three point line but that does not really matter. They took it to Wisconsin in the passing game by getting deep passes early in that first quarter for their two touchdowns. TCU had trouble all game stopping the Wisconsin running game and was getting abused all day by the Wisconsin offensive line and the running of Montee Ball and John Clay who combined for over 200 yards rushing the ball.

TCU used the passing game more then they had all year instead of their running game, but it worked out today with Andy Dalton finding players open most of the game.

The play calling for Wisconsin was just terrible in my opinion, they threw the ball too many times with 21 attempts for only 159 yards or when they ran the ball wide which was stuffed nearly every time. Clay and Ball averaged over six yards carry.

TCU made some good defensive plays in the passing game against Wisconsin with a few batted balls and none other bigger then when Wisconsin went for two and star linebacker Tank Carder batted the ball down. The two-point play was possible the worst call of the game and while the play had a wide open tight end for Wisconsin.

Even though everyone in the stadium knew that Wisconsin had the edge in running the ball up the middle and most likely would have made it but they tried to out fool themselves with a pass play that was knocked down.

More on this game later, but congrats to TCU for winning the Rose Bowl.


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