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TCU 4th In Latest AP College Football Poll

The AP is out just enough time for me not to post at the same time, oh well. The AP has the same top 3 with Alabama, Ohio State, and Boise State with TCU coming in at the four spot. Besides looking at the rankings since the BCS uses point totals not ranking to determine a poll average, because it is more accurate then saying who is ranked where because it could only be a few points. Yes, the AP poll does not count in the BCS but it is still good to see how close teams are. 85 points separate Boise State from number one Alabama and only 13 points separate Boise from the two hole in which they are behind Ohio State. Boise also claimed eight first place votes.

TCU makes a nice jump from the sixth spot to leap frog Texas and Florida for their win over Oregon State. The AP poll did a little better in dropping teams who played bad opponents or playing badly. Florida dropped to 8th, Oklahoma down to ten for their scare against Utah State, and Penn State dropped one for playing Youngstown State. My beef still goes to Florida who is considered a top ten after an offensive performance that, well was offensive with snaps sailing over Jonathan Brantley's head and putting up only 212 yards on the day. Their defense is good as they allowed only four field goals even when Miami (OH) was in the red zone. At least it is a start for dropping teams who win, but show badly.

The coaches poll (which is the one that really matters) has BYU in the rankings, but the AP poll has BYU in the others receiving votes category and would ultimately put them at 32nd. Voter Wade Denniston from Logan, UT adjusted their ballot to have BYU go from 11th in their preseason poll to unranked after the first week.  However, he does have Utah at 14th.

Utah made the biggest jump by going from unranked to the 20th team in the country after their less then stellar (performance wise) win over Pitt.

The way things are shaping up Boise State and TCU could be on a collision course to a one vs. two ranking. The main reason to that logic is as I has been stated before is that all the teams in the current top 12 play each other and will knock each other out. The only exception is Oregon and then there is Iowa who plays against Ohio State and they could threaten to keep Boise State or TCU out of the title game.


AP Top 25
1 Alabama (47) 1-0 1484 1
2 Ohio State (4) 1-0 1412 2
3 Boise State (8) 1-0 1399 3
4 TCU 1-0 1256 6
5 Texas (1) 1-0 1192 5
6 Nebraska 1-0 1105 8
7 Oregon 1-0 1077 11
8 Florida 1-0 1065 4
9 Iowa 1-0 1044 9
10 Oklahoma 1-0 917 7
11 Wisconsin 1-0 881 12
12 Miami (FL) 1-0 877 13
13 Virginia Tech 0-1 782 10
14 Arkansas 1-0 572 17
15 Georgia Tech 1-0 555 16
16 USC 1-0 520 14
17 Florida State 1-0 504 20
18 Penn State 1-0 418 19
19 LSU 1-0 384 21
20 Utah 1-0 365 NR
21 Auburn 1-0 362 22
22 Georgia 1-0 353 23
23 West Virginia 1-0 226 25
24 South Carolina 1-0 164 NR
25 Stanford 1-0 96 NR

One last thing how does Texas get a first place vote after struggling against Rice.  That honor goes to one paragraph sentence USC blogger Scott Wolf from the LA Daily News.  Check back later for more whack balloting from the AP, a sample is non-BCS hater Craig James who has Boise State 6th, TCU 11th (the lowest by the way of all AP voters), Pitt 12th and Utah unranked.  Too much steam to get into that, but those numbers come from an excellent source to keep track of whack AP voters.

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