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Boise State Vs. Virginia Tech Open Thread

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Labor Day football and with Boise State being a future member of the Mountain West why not toss up an open thread and chat about the best game of the weekend!

For more on the games check out SB Nation's Boise Stat site OBNUG with their preview of the game.  For equal time here is Gobbler Country's preview of the game.  Game kicks at 8pm eastern and is on ESPN.

And since this is Monday NIght Football time to gather all of your rowdy friends for some Hank Williams, Jr. it was surprisingly hard to find this video but here is one, you have to wait 15 seconds in.

My prediction is Boise State 24 Virginia Tech 17

Let's hear what you think. Register for a free account here on the site so you can leave your comments, predictions and other game day chatter below in the comments section below.