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TCU vs. Oregon State Recap

Since I'm still on the road and didn't have the greatest view of the game last night (corner endzone) I am probably going to try to get a full recap out once I have re-watched the game on the DVR in the comfort of my living room.  But here are some quick & random thoughts:

-JerryWorld is EPIC.  But Jerry Jones is still a money-grubbing tool.  You'd think after paying for a $40 tailgating pass he could supply more than one port-a-potty within 100 yards, but then again I am not the business mastermind that JJ is.

-Kudos to the Beaver fans came out in full force.  At least 7,000 showed up in orange and they came to party.  Seemed like good people to me, but I'm sure the Boise fans lurking here will correct me.

-Thought the new Nike Pro Combat uniforms looked pretty slick in person.

-Attendance for the game was a solid 46,138 which I think is outstanding considering this game was vastly overpriced and consisted of a small private school and a school 2,000 miles away.  A big hats off to all the Beaver and Frog fans who made the game.

-Throwing the ball on 3rd and 1 in field goal range is INEXCUSABLE.  I said it earlier and will say it again.  RUN.  THE. BALL.  Worst case scenario if you run it? 3 points.  Worst case scenario if you pass?  Interception (which happened).

-Pass rush didn't look great and seemed like Katz had enough time to make himself a sandwhich standing in the pocket a few times last night.

-TCU defensive secondary looked a little shaky, Greg McCoy especially.

-Will TCU ever be ready for a fake punt?

-Thought it was interesting that Ed Wesley and Matthew Tucker shouldered the entire running back load last night.  Wonder when we will see Aundre Dean and Waymon James?  Wesley did look like a beast last night and was running ANGRY for a little guy.

-Fastest Frog Skye Dawson had a coming out party last night with 4 catches for 69 yards which is impressive considering he didn't record a catch last year.

-Good early win for the Frogs and hopefully the Beavers can start racking up some wins of their own to boost TCU's S.O.S.