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BYU Schedules Home And Home With Central Florida

BYU's grand independent plan that has the assistance of ESPN  that has scored two big time opponents in Notre Dame and Texas, but today another opponent has been added to the 2011 and 2014 schedule and that is the University of Central Florida. The Black Knights while are not a bad program, but they are not the team that BYU fans envisioned to be playing with Texas and Notre Dame on the schedule.

This series will be a home and home with the first game being at BYU in 2011 with the return game in 2014 at Orlando. BYU fans who I have spoke to have talked about how they will be getting games with the top flight teams from the Big 10, Big XII, and SEC like Penn State, Michigan, Auburn, Alabama, and teams of the like.

Not to pile on to BYU, because I realize their first three years as an independent will not be top heavy teams, but if you look at the scheduled dates of these games they both take place in September. I am still waiting to see who they will play in mid October and November after their WAC agreement gets phased out. Also not to be a downer but UCF is part of Conference USA and they have contracts with CBS College Sports, so it is possible that the road game will be on CBS College. ESPN does have a deal with Conference USA as well, but it would be a little bit interesting to see BYU back on CBS College Sports.

If my math is correct this puts BYU's 2011 schedule at ten games with six against WAC opponents with three at home and three on the road, at Texas, Utah, Central Florida, at Oregon State, and Utah State. That gives BYU one more game to schedule, but that may already be scheduled against Hawaii, but if it is an away game against Hawaii then BYU will still need another home game to offset the travel cost to Hawaii, or if Hawaii is included in the six pack of WAC games then BYU will still need another opponent.

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