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TCU And The Big East Have Been Talking

Conference expansion will never end, but since there is more in the TCU to Big East department it is time to dive back into that topic.  Apparently, TCU and the Big East have talked during the past month about a move possibly as early as next season:

TCU has met with Big East officials within the past 30 days to discus the logistics of a move by TCU in either the 2011 or 2012 seasons, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Woah! 2011, now that would certainly make Boise State upset and essentially put them in a league very similar to the WAC. A move in 2011 seems highly unlikely; the Mountain West does not have a penalty for leaving one year in advance, but I am not sure what type of penalty would be put in place if TCU were to try to move to the Big East next year.

The travel is not really a big difference compared to what they are in now. The Big East, possibly trying to cover its tracks, has said to have been speaking to many teams:

"We are in a situation that requires us to evaluate and analyze all our options including expansion and television," one source told the Post. "There are a dozen or so schools that we're looking at."

The above statement is the reason why 2011 is not going to happen.  If the Big East is really talking to a dozen teams there is little to no chance to get a team in the Big East by next season.

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