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Making The Rounds: Colorado State Winning Edition

The Rams won!  It made Idaho head coach Acky upset which makes the win a little sweeter.

Steve Fairchild is donating 10 cents for every fan that shows up to the TCU game this weekend.  Fairchild also talks shop in his weekly interview.

Raymond Carter put himself in the CSU record books with is 100+ rushing and receiving game.  Also good to seem him get back in the end zone for the first time since 2008.

Pete Thomas gets his first MWC honor and it sure looks like it won't be his last.  Oh yeah, Pete Thomas is still 18 but you sure can't tell on the field.

Just a general Ram praising article.

One topic that popped up in most the articles were TCU visiting next week as the highest ranked team to ever visit Hughes Stadium at #4.  Also don't be surprised if you see these flashy threads again next week.