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Mountain West Football Week Four Open Thread

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OK, so three games are not on tv, which really sucks.  Not sure why Versus or CBS College are not at least airing a game a piece which would leave only one game off the tube. 

Air Force @ Wyoming 12PM MT TV: The Mtn 

Idaho @ Colorado State 2PM MT TV: NONE

Nevada @ BYU 4PM MT TV: The Mtn

San Jose State @ Utah 6PM MT TV: NONE

Utah State @ San Diego State 5PM PT TV: NONE

New Mexico @ UNLV 7PM PT TV: The Mtn

The best way to follow the games that are not on tv are obviously through the radio, or the best way online is to use the CBS Gametracker.

I have now integrated twitter to the open thread.  So, within your message you need to put #mwc in the tweet and it will show up below.

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