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Texas A&M Never Contacted Gary Patterson

More coaching rumors and fighting about those rumors, is coming to you today out of Fort Worth via Austin through twitter. The rumor is that Chip Brown, yes that Chip Brown, is saying that Texas A&M could of had Gary Patterson over Mike Sherman back in 2008.

Here is what Brown tweeted out:

Texas A&M fans would rather have Mike Sherman or Gary Patterson? You could have had Patterson. That's a fact.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

OK, with the success that TCU has had over Texas A&M the past few years that is a harmless statement, but it gets heated once Gary Patterson gets wind of this from the Dallas Morning News.

Here is what Patterson said when he was asked about his connection to the Texas A&M job:

"That's a lie. Nobody at Texas A&M ever contacted me. ... He's a liar. It's just like the Kansas State job."

Brown then does a nice back step with his next comments:

Gary Patterson can call me a liar all he wants. If Texas A&M would have offered him the job in 2008, he would have taken it.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

So, what is the point for Chip Brown to mention this years after the fact? It could be that he may just be bored and want to rile up some Aggie fans, for those who are not aware Chip Brown covers the Texas Longhorns for Rivals and is on a sports radio station in Austin.

Plus, Brown seems to be an attention whore who wants to keep his name in the news ever since he was the lead source on expansion this summer. Also, Brown is in the business of selling subscriptions, because is a pay site that covers recruiting for the University of Texas.

Due to his summer of fame, anything Brown says seems to be a lightning rod; not to let the Dallas Morning News of the hook, because they ran straight to Patterson to see if Texas A&M offered him the job. Brown just said that Aggie fans would rather have Patterson and that Patterson would have taken the job if offered. So, to me -- unless I am missing a piece here -- Brown never said that Patterson was offered the job, or that he even had contact with the Aggies. It was the Dallas Morning News that jumped on this and asked if Patterson was contacted by Texas A&M.

This final tweet on the topic by Chip Brown about Patterson and Texas A&M:

@frog_law Never said A&M contacted Gary Patterson. Aggies didn't. But Patterson would take A&M, whether he admits it publicly or not.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

So, Chip Brown how do you know for a fact that Patterson could have been at A&M?  Coaches from smaller leagues do turn down big jobs; Utah's Kyle Whittingham turned down the Tennessee job this summer.  Also, nice back tracking their Chip Brown; you first say it is a fact that A&M could of had Patterson to now there was no contact with the Aggies.

I place the blame on both the Dallas Morning News for taking Brown's initial tweet too seriously, and for Brown just tossing this thing out there and then doing a pretty big back step on his comments..

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