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BYU QB Riley Nelson Has Season Ending Shoulder Surgery

Looks like Bronco Mendenhall is off the hook in having to choose a starting quarterback; junior quarterback Riley Nelson is having season ending shoulder surgery on his non throwing arm.  Nelson suffered the injury against Florida State with the diagnosis coming out today which will require a four to five month rehab process.

This looks to be the end of Riley Nelson's career as a quarterback at BYU, because there is no way this circus will happen again next year.  Nelson may be the backup or with his speed and athleticism move to safety to help out there next year for BYU.

This occurrence might be met with -- as George Costanza was described as when his fiance died -- restraint jubilance from BYU fans, because now Jake Heaps gets all of the playing time. There will be no more shuffling around quarterbacks, and now it is time to see if Heaps will live up to his lofty recruiting rankings he earned coming out of high school.

No, pressure.


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