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CSU Rams Edition of Making the Rounds

Important things first, what is your thought on the orange jerseys the Rams are breaking out for Ag Day?

Steve Fairchild's weekly presser is must read for the fans.  Two big things coming out of this.  First off, Steve obviously  read my post about doing something to get the oline/running game working as he is flipping some lineman around.  Number two is he still seems very optimistic with this team, in years past he would jump on guys and criticize them.  So far this year its all positive which makes me think the Rams are not the worst team in FBS.

Mostly the same quotes through this article till you get half way down and its talks about the CSU Rams plan to honor Keli McGregor the former All-American tight end for the Rams and Colorado Rockies president.

Here is a quick review from the Idaho Vandals side of things.