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TCU vs. Baylor Recap: Three Stars Edition

This game almost isn't worth a recap as it played out more like an FCS (1-AA) school looking to take a beating and collect a check than it did a storied regional rivalry.  Suffice to say Baylor didn't bother showing up and the Bears defense allowed TCU to score touchdowns on each of their first five consecutive drives with little effort.  

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III revealed that he was mortal after all with an outing that was pedestrian at best, I guess he really did go into this game thinking TCU was just "a step above Buffalo."  Griffin does have a howitzer for an arm but his accuracy is erratic at best going 16 of 28 for 164 yards and 1 TD.  Griffin's "money-maker" has always been his sprinter speed but he looked a step slow with a paltry net rushing total of 21 yards on 14 carries after being sacked 3 times for a loss of 28 yards.  I don't think Griffin and his knee will be back to normal until at least next season, assuming he doesn't blow out his knee again this season while running for his life against the likes of Texas and Oklahoma.

A combination of the halftime score being 35-3, sweltering heat, and Gary Patterson calling off the dogs in the 2nd half meant that the majority of the 2nd largest crowd in TCU history (47,393) was able to crack the post-game celebratory brews in the parking lot much earlier than usual, so thanks to Baylor for that I guess.

Because this game was such a one-sided statistical beatdown I've decided to end this recap "hockey style" with the game's Three Stars.

1.) QB Andy Dalton
Dalton was flawless in this game completing over 90 percent of his passes (21-23) for 2 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.  Oh yeah, he didn't get sacked either and added 26 yards rushing on 4 carries.  Pretty good for a "ginger," eh?  On a side note can the commentators please stop referring to Dalton's red hair every ten seconds?  You don't ever hear announcers call someone a brown haired quarterback, blonde haired quarterback, or an afro-haired quarterback so why are they allowed to demean Dalton every chance they get with the "red-headed QB" barbs.  If Al Sharpton was a ginger there would be hell to pay.

2.) WR/RB//PR Jeremy Kerley
This weekend Kerley was unstoppable and everywhere, kind of like Chick-Fil-A, only he gets open on Sundays, mmmm... Chick-Fil-A.  Ok back on track, Chick-Fil-A had 202 total yards (69 rec, 49, rush, 84 pr) and 2 receiving touchdowns as well as a remarkable 19 yard run on 4th and 1 that broke more ankles than a Tim Hardaway crossover.  Does anyone who reads this blog even know who Tim Hardaway is?  Screw it, I'm too lazy to change it.  For those of who you consider yourselves wordsmith's please feel free to submit your analogies and metaphors for "breaking ankles" in the comments section.

3.) RB Ed Wesley
Ed Wesley is going to be the unquestioned captain of my TCU 2-Star All-Star team which will be coming to a blog near you in the next few weeks.  I absolutely love the fact that the only other school to sniff at this kid out of high school was UTEP and now he is a starting running back for the #4 team in the nation and on pace for 1,500 yards in 2010.  Wesley was his usual productive self on Saturday rushing for 165 yards on 19 carries (8.7 avg) and 2 TD's.  I also commend young Wesley for bringing back the 80's flat-top a la Boobie Miles, well done sir.


*- Gary Patterson has many gametime quirks and superstitions, the most eccentric being his habit of un-tying and re-tying his shoes if the Frogs are doing well.