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Utah Rolls Past New Mexico, 56-14

Final - 9.18.2010 1 2 3 4 Total
Utah Utes 7 14 28 7 56
New Mexico Lobos 0 0 14 0 14

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What is there to really say about this beat down over New Mexico? Even though Utah dominated the score there are some concerns in this game.  First off, Utah had three turnovers which is never good, and the running game was non-existent.  Maybe, non-existent is the wrong word, but perhaps lack luster.  The carries were spread out pretty evenly, but when third string quarterback (and wrecking ball) ends up being the teams leading rusher in just about a quarter of play is never good.  Robles ended up with 64 total yards, but one was a nice 47 yard run where he dropped his shoulder to lay a hit on the safety before being taken down.

That is being too critical since Utah did run for 181 yards at over five yards a carry and the third running back Tauni Vakapuna ran for 42 yards and a score on six carries.  Terrance Cain looked solid against one of the worst defense in the nation, and that might include a good chunk of FCS schools.  Cain managed to 247 yards, on 20 of 23 passing, and three passing touchdowns with one being a nice 75 yard bomb. 

Overall, the offense moved the ball at will regardless who is in the game.  New Mexico was able to do nothing with Utah having a reshuffled offensive line and their backup quarterback.

The defense performed very well today and was able to completely shutdown the passing game that has been pretty good for the Lobos.  B.R. Holbrook did not play in this game, so back up Tarean Austin had 124 yards and a score; then New Mexico brought in the third quarterback Brad Gruner and he managed 32 yards.   The Lobo pass offense managed only 3.9 yards per attempt, and 8.3 yards per completion in the passing game.  The leading receiver for the Lobos was their running back Demond Denis who had four catches for 39 yards, with a long of 29.  That just shows that the wide receivers were not getting open and who ever was in at quarterback had to check down to the running backs.

There is really not much else to say in this game without getting into super specific details that really do not need to be mentioned in this blowout.  This was a game for Utah to get their backups some playing time and allow some starters to completely recover from their injuries. As for New Mexico they can not wait until they play New Mexico State or Colorado State when they may have a shot to win the game.


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