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California 31, Nevada 52


Yup you have read that right, Nevada Wolf Pack decimated the California Golden Bears defense. Thats right, the statistically #1 defense in the country got slammed. Cal's defense who only gave up 322 yards from the first two games combined gave up 499 yards to Nevada's Pistol offense. Nevada's offense proved that they are currently the #1 offense in terms of yards. Giving Nevada their first signature win in over 5 years.

Nevada's Offense

Tonight performance was nearly flawless for Nevada's offense. The only flaw was the turnover in the 1st Quarter. QB Colin Kaepernick had another fantastic night as he pass for 10 out of 15 completions for 181 yards for 2 TDs. He also rushed for 17 carries for 148 yards for 3 TDS. RB Vai Taua carried the ball for 25 times for 151 yards and 1 TD.

Nevada went away from the game plan of using a balanced rush and pass attack after they notice they ran the ball so well after the first couple of series. They ran the ball for most of the game pounding the Golden Bears defense into nothing. The offensive line pretty much manhandled the Bears front 7. They open up constant holes for Kaepernick and Taua to run through.

When Nevada did pass they were all for a nice big gain. WR Rishard Matthews has 3 catches for 83 yards for 1 TD, WR Tray Session had 3 catches for 47 yards for 1 TD, TE Virgil Green has 2 catches for 35 yards and WR Brandon Wimberly had 2 catches for 20 yards.

Nevada's Defense

Nevada's defense did surprisingly good tonight. The secondary only gave up 1 to 2 deep passes tonight. The front 7 not so much, due to mistackles RB Shane Vereen bolted for 3 long runs for a total of 198 yards tonight. But Nevada came up with big plays at the right time. An interception by CB Doyle Miller in the 1st Quarter, another interception by CB Duke Williams in the 4th Quarter and an interception by CB Marlon Johnson return for a TD to put the game out of reach. A 4 down stand in the red zone in the 4th Quarter also helped Nevada put the game away. Take away those big runs from Shane Vereen and the Kaepernick fumble the score will be very different.

Play of the game

CB Marlon Johnson intercepting the ball on the Nev 35 yard line and returning it back for 65 yards for TD to make the score 31-21 in the 3rd Quarter.

Fans highlight of the game

After the time hit 0:00 the students storm the field chanting " We want Boise! We want Boise!"

Players of the Game

The entire Nevada offensive line for manhandling the Cal's front 7 giving Kaepernick and Taua holes to burst through. The wide receivers did an excellent job of blocking the defensive backs giving Kaepernick room on the outside.

One final Note

Back to your holes Ault haters. I also loved going through and reading all game thread comments on California Golden Blogs, pretty funny. BYU and Boise were coming for ya.