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Road To The BCS: Upsets Possibly On The Horizon

The Road to the BCS series is back and we will go through some games that will affect the non-BCS teams (not going to fall to the pressure of saying non-AQ) in their quest for a BCS game. Plus, for each game there will be a section of who you should be rooting for. These games will be realistic games that could provide an upset. As always, I prefer chaos to possibly break the system; wouldn't it be cool if there was a tie for second in the BCS standings. All rankings will be the coaches poll until the BCS standings are released.  Links go to team previews.

#4 Texas (2-0) Texas Tech (ABC/ESPN2, 8 p.m.)

Texas has struggled against inferior opponents against Rice and Wyoming while Texas Tech has scored 50 plus points in wins over SMU and New Mexico. Texas coach Mack Brown is only 3-3 at Lubbock life time as the Texas coach, and the last time they played there Tech won on a last second pass to Michael Crabtree. In addition to Lubbock being a tough place to play, new Tech coach Tommy Tubberville is a notorious giant killer while at Auburn were he routinely knocked of top ten teams.

Rooting interest: Texas Tech. This is fairly obvious, but the reasoning is that this will knock out a threat to TCU's BCS title chances.

#7 Florida @ Tennessee (CBS, 3:30 p.m.)

Florida is the obvious favorite, but with the offense being down right terrible and they have a problem snapping the ball to the quarterback in the shotgun. Florida is without speedy wide receiver Chris Hainey for stalking a former lady friend (link), and the offense has been confusing by trying to run the spread and being a pro style offense. The Florida defense is the bright spot, and luckily they face a bad Tennessee offense.

Rooting interest: Tennessee. The win will knock Florida out of the BCS title race, because I expect them to loss to Alabama later in the season. This loss could pave the way for Utah to possibly sneak in and get a bid if Boise or TCU fall.

Air Force @ #9 Oklahoma  (FSN-National, 3:30 p.m.)

This will be an interesting game, because the Falcons have the offense to move the ball against any team in the country for at least a half, but include a very good defense and could make this game interesting. Utah State gave Oklahoma a good run, so there is no reason to believe Air Force could do the same. Utah State had a mobile quarterback which caused the Sooners trouble, and Air Force has a running quarterback in Tim Jefferson who can throw as well.

Rooting interest: Air Force, obviously. This would do two things it would make it difficult for the Sooners to climb back to the top two spots to pass TCU, and it gives Utah a chance to climb into at-large consideration.

#7 Iowa @ #18 Arizona (ESPN, 10:30 p.m.)

This is the game of the day, and hopefully those east coast voters will stay up for this late tilt. Iowa has Rick Stanzi at quarterback who led multiple fourth quarter drives to keep his team undefeated late in the season. Arizona is doing the overplayed colored themed with a 'red-out' for Saturday nights game. Arizona is starting to look like a real challenger to Oregon for the Pac-10 title and put them in position for their first ever Rose Bowl appearance.

Rooting interest: Arizona. This one is a tough one, because an Iowa win will put them right up there with TCU and Boise with games still to go against Ohio State and Wisconsin they would most certainly pass both of those schools with a few more tough games on the schedule. An Arizona win would possibly vault them in the top ten with the full Pac-10 schedule ahead of them. Going with Arizona, because they will not go undefeated through conference play because no Pac-10 team has gone undefeated in league play since USC in 2004. Iowa could still jump back in the consideration for the BCS title with wins over Wisconsin and Ohio State, so even with a loss they can sneak back into at least an at-large choice.

Clemson @ #15 Auburn (ESPN, ESPN3D, 7 p.m.)

The ACC, really, really, really needs a quality win, but Clemson is well known to not showing up in big games. Gus Malzhan at Auburn will use his high octane offense to attack the Clemson defense. I do not think Clemson quarterback Kyle Parker can get it done himself, but the ACC is do for a big win. Right?

Rooting interest: Clemson. Mainly because they will knock Auburn out of the polls, or close to it. Plus, Clemson provides no real threat to the national title hopes of Boise State or Utah, whereas if Auburn goes undefeated they will be in the conversation since they are an SEC team.

That is it, there are no other reasonable upsets that might occur this weekend to effect the final BCS standings.

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