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Making the Rounds: Oops, I forgot edition

So yesterday I had a Making the Rounds post and an important piece of information got left out. Mike Clausen (former starting QB) has moved from Quarterback to safety. That's right, the starting QB from just two weeks ago asked Coach Hauck if he could move to safety after losing that job to two-year starter Omar Clayton.

"Being on the sideline is not really helpful for the team if I'm a good enough athlete to play another position and help the team in another way," the 6-foot-2-inch, 220-pound Clausen said.

Clausen already is progressing at the position, in Wednesday's practice he intercepted a pass, although Coach Hauck said he will not start this week against Idaho because he needs more time to grasp the position.

If Clausen remains at safety, redshirt freshman Caleb Herring will move up to No. 2 on the depth chart, probably strengthening Clayton's hold on the starting job.

This move gives Redshirt Freshman Caleb Herring the chance to do what Clayton did, start for three years in a row. When Omar Clayton graduates after this season, Mike Clausen was expected to take his spot. But with Clausen now gone, the job is practically Herring's. There is no Freshman QB being redshirted this year and Herring is very talented. Hauck would be crazy to start a true freshman QB with no experience and probably less talent then Herring. And the good news for Hauck is that Herring is more of a drop-back passer, and that will suit his style.

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