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Making The Rounds : CSU Edition

The Collegian has the most understated article title as the Rams look to improve on both sides of the ball.

- Ya averaging only 4.5 points a game is awful, giving up 37.5 might be worse since the defense was suppose to be decent.

The Coloradoan thinks the Rams are just looking for defense.

-They better find it or the season will be lost right away, in my average scenario for the season I had them losing the first two games anyways so they are on "track" still.

The coaches and players are not jumping ship quite yet.

-Most the fans have jumped ship, but I think they are still just a couple big plays away from competing.

Youth could be part of the early season struggles for the Rams, but the playing time is valuable.

-They weren't winning the league this year anyways so getting the freshman some playing time is way more important then only losing to Nevada by 30 instead of 50.  Nevada looked good, think they might win 9+ games this year.