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Texas Tech Routes New Mexico, 52-17

It truly is sad when this is seen as an improvement over last weeks debacle of a game against Oregon.  The first thing is that Texas Tech is going to keep their 'Air Raid' offense since they scored in the 50's last week, but it also could have something to do with the caliber of opponent in New Mexico.

Tech got off to a huge early lead and never looked back as they were able to score -- albeit at a lower pace -- throughout the game.  The game could have been even a bigger blowout had not the New Mexico defense not have been able to force and recover two Tech fumbles.  Also on the turnover front was New Mexico quarterback B.R. Hoolbrook; he threw two picks.

Tech actually did not throw for their customary bazillion yards, but a more pedestrian like 310 for the game.  The Red Raiders actually presented a running game with 36 carries for 152 yards. I am not going back to do research but I am almost certain that is the most carries in the running game Tech has had in about a decade.

The bright spot for New Mexico was their quarterback play where B.R. Holbrook out passed Tech's Taylor Potts with 323 yards.  That may have something to do with Tech's defense still not that great and the Lobos trying to play catchup, but I am trying to stay positive for the few Lobo fans out there.

The running game was non-existent and part of that has to do with the offense line that was playing the Ole defense and letting nearly everyone through causing problems for the running game and the passing game with a number of sacks and hurries on Holbrook.

If you take away the 45 yard touchdown run and take away the sack yardage the Lobos ran for 78 total yards.  They need to attempt to find a running game to try to stay in some games, but the way the Lobos are going their best chance for a win may come against Colorado State who look equally as bad.

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