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Preview: Texas Tech @ New Mexico, Massacre Part II

This weeks game for New Mexico will be the complete opposite in the way that Texas Tech will beat the Lobos. Last week Oregon ran the ball at will even without their starting back LaMichael James, but expect this week to have Texas Tech quarterback Taylor Potts light up the Lobo secondary. Too bad the pirate Mike Leach is not running the ship for the Red Raiders, because 100 points could be a real possibility. Last years game the Lobos played Tech tough and did knock out Taylor Potts due to all the hitting he took and was out with a concussion. However, that was last year. The Lobo defense who is supposed to be improved over last year better get used to the pace and with the amount of times that Tech will throw the ball they better come up with at least one or maybe two interceptions and then hope the offense can make a few plays.

The young New Mexico defense might be without stud linebacker Carmen Messina, who led the nation with 162 tackles last season, sustained a high ankle sprain against Oregon and is a game time decision:

"We're hoping he can make it back for Saturday," Locksley said. "If not, injuries are a part of the game, and that means somebody will have to step up and fill a huge void."

Do the Lobos have a player to fill that void, probably not.

The good thing on offense for New Mexico is that the Red Raider defense is not as good as Oregon's and that should allow running back Dennis Demond and quarterback B.R.Holbrook a little breathing room to perhaps make a few plays. However, the Red Raider defense is improved with new head coach Tommy Tubberville and last week the defense piled up five sacks in their win over SMU. The offense must get some first downs to try to help the defense get some rest, because part of the problem last week against Oregon was that every time the offense touched the ball the Lobos went on a three and out.

Here is what SB Nation's Texas Tech site Double T Nation says about the game:

This game shouldn't be close and I don't think it will. New Mexico has been a bad team for a while and this should be a statement game for Texas Tech. If a statement isn't made on Saturday, then I'm worried. I think Texas Tech is a much better team than New Mexico, although I do expect New Mexico to be better.

The hope is that New Mexico will be better then last week, because it would be difficult to get much worse. The Lobos need to at least show and make the game competitive for at least a half, and that should satisfy some Lobo fans.

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