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Predicting The Season: New Mexico at New Mexico State

Everything that could go wrong moving is happening to me. The comcast guy forgets the wireless router, the supposed brand new router failed after only an hour, and worst of all I may have to get comcast tv instead of DirecTv because of a stupid tree. So, sorry for this being a little late.

On to the game that will probably get the least amount of votes in this epic matchup of very bad teams. Last year New Mexico State was able to beat New Mexico in this rivalry game. Perhaps this year the Aggies can actually have post practice snacks and not have to rely on food donations to nourish their players.

Both teams should be better, and at least they will both be on the same playing level which should make this game at least competitive.

New Mexico is 96th and New Mexico State is 100th Sporting News Top 100. This game has a 6:00 P.M. MT kick and is a TBA regarding television, which probably means a no or is on ESPN Game Plan.

Voting begins at 11:00 A.M. MT (or about that time) every morning and lasts 24 hours.

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