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CBS To Air BYU Vs. San Diego State Basketball Game

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There was talk at last weeks football media days that CBS might be airing a few Mountain West basketball games.  Thanks to San Diego State releasing their Mountain West schedule last night it is confirmed that there is at least one game on CBS:

The BYU-SDSU game will represent the first time in Mountain West Conference history in which two league opponents have played one another in a nationally televised game on an over-the-air network (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC) in any sport. It will also mark the first time in league history in which any member institution has had a regular-season men's basketball game televised live nationally on an over-the-air network.

The game is an early 11 a.m. morning tip off at San Diego State, but it is better then the random Pac-10 games that have had 10 a.m. local tips.  As for the press release that said that this is the first ever nationally televised game over the air might be inaccurate.  I do recall a BYU vs. Air Force basketball game on ABC, plus Utah played San Diego State in 2005 and Wyoming in 2004 on ABC (this was the black out game).  Those might have been regional broadcasts that were on over the air networks.

This is beyond huge for the league and it is actually something I have been speculating over the years I have ran this site, but has always been a pipe dream to me.  This could only lead to the potential of perhaps a few games a year on CBS with football to supplement their SEC coverage and have a double header game.  Who cares if it is a noon eastern kick off this would give the league much, much, much more visibility.  IF this were to happen it would most likely start with maybe a game a year, and maybe more if the league becomes an automatic qualifier for the BCS.

The Mountain West is expected to release the full league schedule today, so look for possibly one other game to be broadcast on CBS.

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