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BYU May Start Two Quarterbacks The Entire Season

In today's teleconference Bronco Mendenhall mentioned that he looks to be sticking to two quarterbacks for the entire year.

"I am not sure I am ever going to reach the point that there will be just one [full-time player] this season, based on just going through spring and summer and fall camp and how close they both are, and really maybe the way their strengths offset each other. But if I would say, 'what am I looking for from our quarterbacks?' I am looking for great decision-making, I am looking for excellent leadership, I am looking for sound execution, and I am looking for productivity. And that is how they will be measured, and at the end of the day on Saturday we will have a better idea where both of them stand.

And possibly, maybe how their roles will either expand or diminish or complement each other after we have seen them in a real game situation. So it is a work in progress. I am not taking it off the table that we could end up with just one. But again, at this point, it is most likely going to be two, and maybe for the entire season."

On concerns about playing two QBs, knowing it hasn't worked out well for other programs:

"A couple of things. Certainly it hasn't worked at other places. There is a reason teams name a starting quarterback -- you have a much better chance of establishing an identity. You have a much better chance of establishing chemistry. You have a much better chance of working on a single system in practice and getting execution at a higher level because of the repetitions, and that simply is why most do it.

It wouldn't be my choice to play two in other situations. The possibility of why it might work, I think just the nature of our team, the type of maturity our players have, the purpose and why they are at BYU, and the support that both these guys seem to have for each other. That has made it a lot easier for me to feel like that's what we need to do. I am not guaranteeing success, but of any situation I have gone into, I was hopeful to come out with one, and every sign along the way led to, 'there isn't going to be one this year, it is going to be two.'
My only how long it is going to be two. Again, I am prepared for it to be the entire year."

Sound the giant red-alert siren, because this will not end well if BYU plays two quarterbacks with both seeing significant time. Now, if it tapers off where one comes in for ten or so plays then the issue is essentially moot, but if it is a rotation or each player gets a large amount of reps this season will take a toll on the fans plus the team.

Another ten win season will be difficult to maintain if Jake Heaps and Riley Nelson are both being used in this offense, and there could be a carry over effect into the 2011 season since both players will be back.

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